Walla Launches Compressor iTunes Delivery Support

Walla Launches Support for New iTunes Store Package from Compressor

Simplifying Delivery of Films to the iTunes Store

Walla, a technology-focused content distribution company, launched support for the new iTunes Store Package from Compressor that simplifies delivery of films to the iTunes Store. The new version of Compressor, Apple’s professional encoding app for video editors, makes it simple to create an iTunes Store-compliant package. Easily add your movie, trailer, closed captions, and subtitles to your iTunes Store Package, as well as QC assets in Compressor, and then upload the package through our Walla Studio Service designed specifically to accept an iTunes Store Package.

walla-launches-compressor-support-to-deliver-to-itunes“We are working incredibly hard to make a highly technical process as easy as possible for our customers,” said Erik Pence, CEO of Walla and one of the founders of Inception Digital Services. “We are proud to be part of this faster, simpler way to deliver movies to the iTunes Store. Combining Compressor 4.2 with our suite of cloud-based distribution tools gives independent film and television creators everywhere the ability to easily distribute their content on the iTunes Store, the world’s largest media outlet.”

Distributing Your Content Has Never Been Easier

From the independent filmmaker to the major studio, Walla provides a cloud-based platform to easily manage and store your film and television assets & metadata, deliver to VOD outlets, and track your titles sales performance. Now, thanks to Compressor 4.2, creating distribution-ready media assets has never been easier.

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