Services We Provide

  • Supply updated platform technical specifications to producers and content providers to ensure compliance.
  • Guide producers and content providers through the iTunes uploading and commercialization process.
  • Manage the encoding of technical assets through Apple approved Encoding Houses such as Inception (IDS) and Premier Digital.
  • Establishment of “go-live” dates (aka “street date”) for the movies or TV shows on iTunes Store.
  • Help establish pricing for movies, full season or individual episodes of TV Shows, etc. (Platforms ultimately sets pricing tiers).
  • Monthly reporting of uploaded content’s performance in iTunes.
  • Prompt payment of earned proceeds. Payments from Apple are paid on the last week of the month for the previous month’s activities, Walla then pays resulting proceeds within 30 days, the fastest turn-around-time in the industry.

Walla is Not a Distributor

Walla is NOT a distributor, we don’t “buy” or “sell” movies or television programs. We service content providers who wish to sell their titles directly to iTunes and other platforms. We have established agreements with VOD distribution platforms and technology to provide Distribution as a Service (DaaS).

Get Paid Every Month

With automated monthly royalty payments, content providers get paid quickly and regularly. Walla offers transparent sales reporting & streamlined payment processing. Revenue is delivered consistently, on time, paid on a monthly basis and never held or paid in arrears.