Delivery Requirements - Legal

Legal Deliery Specifications  12/04/2014

It is important to set up your financial and tax information prior to delivery. Payments to you will be delayed if we do not have a true and correct copy of your W9 form. The most recent W9 form may be found here:

Please be absolutely sure you have your music rights and other clearances complete PRIOR to submission to Walla. Also be sure that cue sheets, dialogue lists and closed caption information is ready to be reviewed by the Walla team or other service providers upon request.

Asset Type Required Spec Optional Spec
Tax Forms W-9 form (Taxpayer Identification Number and Certificate), fully executed.
Copyright, releases and due diligence documents Upon request by Walla, chain of title documents, including, but not limited to, copyright, talent releases, music cue sheet and music clearances.
E&O Insurance Upon request by Walla, E&O Insurance certificate naming Walla, its parents, affiliates, licensees and assigns as additional insured.