Delivery Requirements - Technical

Technical Deliery Specifications  12/04/2014

Delivery of each and every file according to the specifications on this page will ensure that your title passes formats’ stringent quality requirements and prevent delays in going live. Walla’s team is continues to place content in to iTunes and other formats with among the shortest turnaround times in the industry, but we can’t do it without your help. Paying special attention to our strict specifications ensures that your content will get to platforms on time and ready for rental or purchase.

Preparing technically-compliant files will keep costs down and turnaround times quick. Here are a few more resources to help you avoid some common pitfalls and deliver perfect assets every time:
Top 10 QC Rejections You Should Avoid

Asset Type Required Spec Optional Spec
Keyart / Poster Art PNG or JPEG, 300dpi, 11x17" Size Layered Photoshop File
Metadata Profile Completed metadata template to include: program synopsis, cast list with roles, production credits, studio name, MPAA Rating and Reason for given rating, Copyright Notice for program(s) (ex “Copyright 1972, Paramount Pictures”), IMDB film # and other required data.
Release and Pricing Data Release and pricing info for DVD and/or BD versions currently in release including MSRP
Release or "Street Date" Date can not be less than 30 days from the final delivery of all completed and correct assets.
Audio 16 Bit UNCOMPRESSED 2 Channel stereo synched to match the standard video mater. NOTE: AUDIO MAY BE IN VIDEO FILE 24 Bit UNCOMPRESSED 2channel stereo and 24 BIT 5.1 surround sound mix as separate synced to match the standard definition video master.
Movie File HD Video File in ProRes 444 HQ or 422 HQ, 1080p Resolution, 23.987 or 29.987 Frame Rate, Stereo Mix on 1/2, ME Mix on 3/4 (if available), 16x9 Aspect Ratio

Asset must contain at least 1 full second of black on the head and tail of the file content
Trailer / Promo File Video trailer of the Picture(s) delivered to the specifications above with total running time not to exceed 3 Minutes. MUST NOT CONTAIN URL ANYWHERE ON THE TRAILER OR PROMO FILE. NOTE: TRAILERS ARE ESSENTIAL FOR ALL SERVICE OUTLETS.

Asset must contain at least 1 full second of black on the head and tail of the file content
2 minute clip from the movie.
Detailed Specifications on Files Delivered Detailed specifications for source material including run time, aspect ratio and type of audio track.
Social Media Profile Data Detailed profile data including the official Facebook, Twitter, etc., for the movie and key talent.
Titles and Captions Closed Caption Files are REQUIRED for iTunes Delivery in .SCC format.